Palmer Atlantic Insurance customer service


Palmer Atlantic is always on the watch for qualified insurance brokers, producers, customer service representatives, safety and compliance specialists and administrative personnel.

Please send your resume in confidence to:

Head Office

Palmer Atlantic Insurance Ltd.
538 Main Street, Unit 1, Hartland, New Brunswick (NB) 
Canada E7P 2N5

Toll Free: 1.800.267.8006    Fax: 506.375.4232 
General inquiries: catchthewave@palmeratlantic

Team Leaders
Joe Palmer, President & CEO 506.375.7531
Shelley Palmer, Vice President 506.375.7698
Tammy Stanley, Controller 506.375.7556
Pam Arsenault, Commercial Insurance, Transportation & Logistics 506.375.7536
Tina Belyea, Commercial Insurance, Small Business & Programs 506.375.7578
Commercial Insurance Advisors & Customer Service
Joe Palmer 506.375.7531
Lyle Shaw 506.375.7513
Pam Arsenault 506.375.7536
Lori VanHorne 506.375.7605
Lori Springer 506.375.7548
Stephanie Oakes 506.375.7692
Kassia Falkevitch 506.375.7547
Tina Belyea 506.375.7578
Serena Trecartin 506.375.7699
Risk Services
Shelley Palmer, Vice President 506.375.7698
Carl Fiander, Transportation Safety Advisor 506.375.7500
April Giles, Occupational Health & Safety Advisor 902.877.8691
Michelle Britton, Safety & Compliance Coordinator 506.375.7500
Specialty Services
Maggie White, Specialty Services Advisor 506.375.7553
Tammy Stanley, Controller 506.375.7556
Janessa Goupille, Office Administrator 506.375.7695
Michelle Britton, Reception 506.375.7500