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Testimonials - Risk Services

"I have used the services of Palmer Atlantic Risk Services Ltd, previously Profile Solutions, for in excess of ten years. They have been very instrumental in our goal to operate consistently within regulation and to maintain an excellent carrier profile in all jurisdictions. Beyond these services, they have always been more than willing to assist, when any situations or regulation questions arise requiring clarification and interaction with regulators. This has proven of great assistance to our company over the years. I highly recommend their services."

G. Richard Boone, President
Professional Carriers

Testimonials - Insurance Services

“Palmer Atlantic understands our business and has the right people with the expertise and knowledge in trucking to provide a very high level of service. They have been our broker for nearly 30 years and have always put our interests first and foremost. I have great confidence in their firm and consider Palmer Atlantic a leader in the trucking insurance market in Atlantic Canada.”

Gord Peddle, Chief Operating Officer

"Most importantly, insurance for us, is a matter of trusting not only the company, but the person you are dealing with. Joe Palmer has certainly earned that trust as a very straight forward and fair person to deal with and to represent us on our insurance matters.  I would highly recommend Palmer Atlantic to any trucking company that is looking for  superior  service  and value for their insurance expenditure.”

G. Richard Boone, President
Professional Carriers.